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With the historic April frost, which followed the early start of the vine, until the harvest in September, the changes weather conditions impose their tempo. Only moments of respite, flowering takes place in good conditions for the formation of future fruits and veraison under the sun, starting in mid-August. Despite the low volume, the quality is there and equal to all the efforts made during this year 2021. 

Bud break: Early April

Flowering: mid-June

Veraison: mid-August

The harvest began in early September for the Crémant de Bourgogne then followed by the still wine harvest around September 10.

Overall returns are very heterogeneous across all sectors. There are low or extremely low harvest volumes on the vines most affected by frost and/or, sometimes, the hail.

White Wines

The whites express a beautiful freshness that will seduce lovers of Burgundy. Very chiseled, they offer for the moment citrus notes like lemon or grapefruit, aromas that will evolve in progress farmed.

Red wines 

The ruby of the red wines, very delicate, accompanies the aromas of fresh or more ripe red fruits. This beautiful fruity expression is found in the mouth, with notes of cherry or raspberry. The textures are delicate and the tannins are very silky.

After a mild winter, then a clear cooling in mid-March, temperatures rise significantly, becoming even summer during the week 29 March-3 April. In these conditions, the vine comes back to life a few days ahead of average. This early bud leaves exposed fragile buds.
What was feared happens: on April 6 a mass of polar air causes a drop in temperature,
up to -6°C in the early morning in valley bottoms. This is just the beginning of a long series of nights white for black jellies burning new buds every day.

The climatic conditions remain cool at the beginning of May. The vine, stunned by frost, resumes its growth. Then, in June, thanks to a rise in the thermometer, it makes up for the backlog since the spring frost.
The flowering is fast. In July, favored by the rainfall, the vine grows, becomes again liane,
shape of the leaves, lengthens its stems, but bears little fruit. You must then redouble your efforts to follow the rhythm imposed by the vegetation: despite the low harvest, the workload is immense.

The harvest begins around 20th of September.

The first quarter of 2021 was characterized by a slightly above-normal average temperature (+0.4°C), slightly excess rainfall (+18 mm above normal) and 56 hours of excess insolation.

April was marked by a period of "historic" frosts between April 5 and 8. It was particularly cold, rainy but sunny . May was also particularly cold, very rainy and quite sunny.

Following these two cool months, the early flowering stage was reached at a late date (9 June on average), 7 days later than average.July was cool, not very sunny and very rainy.

August was mostly cool and dry in the second half.

Harvest begins on 13 September.

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