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2022 offers us what Bourgogne knows how to do best: a vintage both qualitative and generous!
After three beautiful years in volumes impacted by climatic hazards, this vintage is welcomed. Although there are small differences between grape varieties, the vines have generally resisted very well. Extreme weather, taking advantage of the slightest rain.

After a milder and drier winter than average, the very first spikes green in early April. A cold air mass in coming from the north then lowers temperatures all over Burgundy, which must once again fight against 4 nights of frost between 3rd and 11th April. Fortunately, very little damage is found because a large part of the vines are in the "bud in cotton" stage.

Mid-April, thanks to the summer temperatures and the dry weather that settle sustainably, the vine grows quickly.
Finally, the long-awaited precipitation comes in the form of thunderstorms that unfairly water the vineyard from June 21st to 25th: in 5 days, it falls on average 50 mm across Bourgogne, but the from 20 mm to almost 90 mm depending on the sector! These storms are sometimes violent: showers of Hail causes extensive damage, but on restricted surfaces.

The maturation takes place under hot temperatures. These conditions promote a perfect sanitary state. Summer has four heatwaves.

Bud break: mid-April 

Flowering: mid-May 

Veraison: mid-August

Harvest for Crémant de Bourgogne in early August and for the still wines around 20th August.

White wines

White wines are distinguished by their roundness, flexibility and complexity. They are rich and very expressive, with fruity aromas, present without being too exacerbated. In the mouth, notes of fresh fruit and beautiful balances preserve the freshness.

Red wines

The reds are very colorful, supple in the mouth, with nice concentrations.
The wines have a structure supported by soft tannins and a roundness coupled to a real density. They concentrates greedy aromas of nice ripe red or black fruits.

After a milder and drier winter than normal, 2022 begins like 2021, with spring frosts. Fortunately at the end of March, on the eve of frost, the vintage is a few days behind the average of the last 20 years, with vines at the stage of bud swelling. The damage is out of proportion to the damage seen in 2021, although in some early sectors it is real. 

Spring, unusually hot, turns 2022 around: the temperature rise in May gives a boost to the vegetation. Full flowering is observed in late May. It takes place in excellent conditions. On May 19th, the department of Yonne is placed under drought warning. 

The drought continues in July. The health of the vines is excellent: no rain, no diseases! 

Harvest begins at the end of August.

After a first trimester and a sunny, dry, but quite cool April, the bud break took place at a rather late date, April 12th.
May 2022 will be remembered for a long time. It was marked by a heat persistent, very high dryness and sunshine. Flowering then started very quickly and under conditions favourable. The cooling of temperatures and rain around May 23 nevertheless allowed normal growth of the vegetation. The late flowering stage was reached on average on May 28th.

During the month of June, a great heat and sunshine, but also a sustained rainy period, accompanied by the weather in July was very homogeneous. It was marked by persistent heat and drought.

However, August was marked by a severe water shortage.

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