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A vintage that reflects both quality and quantity.

In 2009, all the ideal conditions for the vine's vegetative cycle came together.
The winter was cold and dry. However, during the night of 18 November, temperatures fell by 10 degrees to minus 17 degrees, causing damage to the vines. On the lower slopes, the vine stocks were frozen and died.
This resulted in a slower resumption in spring with temperatures that varied a great deal.
Lastly, a good amount of sunshine in the summer and warm temperatures that lasted into September.

Bud break: mid-April
Flowering: end of May
Veraison: mid-August

Start of the grape harvest in the first fortnight of September with a plentiful harvest and rich, concentrated grapes.
To quote our oenologist "a slight lack of acidity gives the impression that you're eating fruit"

White wines: pleasant, good balance between alcohol and acidity, good aromatic profile, good reflection of each wine's terroir of origin
Red wines: concentrated tannins, complexity, fullness and good balance

Chablis area

The excellent weather conditions led to a plentiful, high-quality harvest and two weeks of grape-picking

White wines: aromatic and soft, flattering and elegant, good minerality and structure.

Côte de Nuits

Very great vintage, good ageing potential

White wines: aromatic, soft and generous, well balanced, pleasant for drinking young but good ageing potential too
Red wines: well-matured grapes, balanced wines, full and powerful. Round tannins, making the wine rich and pleasant, with good ageing potential

Côte de Beaune

White wines: fruity, generous and soft with perfect balance
Red wines: round, silky tannins, very ripe red and black berries


Very great vintage with good ageing potential.
White wines: rich, balanced, fat and with a lovely aromatic quality

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