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January was mild and the first fortnight of February was cold and dry.
The end of March was fairly mild before the return of cool weather at the beginning of April and episodes of frost that caused some damage to the vines.
While May was fair, there were a lot of thunderstorms in June that caused some damage.
However, it was the thunderstorms at the beginning of August that would lead to a loss of harvest.
The fine weather then returned until mid-September, punctuating a season with no heat waves.

Bud break: end of March
Flowering: end of May
Veraison: mid-August

Start of the grape harvest at the beginning of the second fortnight in September for the crémants.

Very small harvest, similar or even smaller than 2010, but of good quality.

White wines: expressive, clean, well-balanced in the mouth and good minerality
Red wines: rich and intense, ripe silky tannins, lovely harmony in the mouth, dense.

Chablis area

The winter alternated between mild, cold and dry spells.

The late frosts in April did some damage in the Chablis area.
The spring and summer were as expected, with little damage, the vineyard more or less avoiding the many hailstorms that fell on other vineyards in Bourgogne.
There was also a shortage of water in this region and little rainfall in August.

Grape harvest as of mid-September.

Côte de Nuits

Excellent vintage

The winter was mild, with cold and dry spells. The late frosts in April had little impact on the vines in 2012. In contrast, there were a number of hailstorms in June.
However, it was a big hailstorm in the Côte de Nuits that resulted in the loss of harvests.

Red wines: exceptional, balanced with supple, silky tannins.

Côte de Beaune

The winter was mild with cold and dry spells. The late frosts in April had little impact on the vines in 2012. There were, however, a number of hailstorms in the summer, particularly in June and, more violently, in August, which resulted in some loss of harvest on the Côte de Beaune.

White wines: powerful yet fresh mouthfeel with strong aromatic notes.

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