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The winter was marked by swings in temperature. January was mild but wet, February very cool and drier while in March temperatures were normal before becoming cooler! There was also a notable lack of sunshine which had no significant consequences.
The beginning of spring was fairly mild and dry, with a few spring frosts. It was then relatively warm and dry, with a few hailstorms that did little damage.
The summer was hot and dry, more so than normal, causing damage in July in the Mâconnais, on the Côte de Nuits and the Hautes Côtes. A brief heatwave followed in August.
The beginning of autumn was mild and the start of September was dry.

2018 was one of the hottest years on record. The 2018 vintage is characterised by its earliness, its volume and very good grape quality.

Bud break: mid-bud break stage between 16 and 18 April
Flowering: mid-flowering stage reached between 29 May and 3 June
Veraison: initial observations from 10 July

Start of the grape harvest at the end of August and spread over almost a month due to unusual weather conditions.

White wines: incredible aromatic complexity, explosive on the nose, very good expression of the terroir, freshness and minerality, balanced
Red wines: intense ruby colour, structured and powerful, good concentration of fruit. Wine with aromas of red berries giving a perfect balance.

Chablis area

An early year, a very good harvest

A hailstorm at the beginning of spring hit three villages in the Chablis area. Followed by an ideal spring. Hot and dry summer. Very good harvest. 

The wines are complex, expressive and generous, and have retained their freshness.

Start of the grape harvest at the end of August

White wines: Formidable quantity and good quality. Expressive, they have body and fruit.

Côte de Nuits

Very rainy weather from mid-April.


Thunderstorms in July caused major damage to between 5 and 80% of the harvest.


Ideal ripening conditions: no weather vagaries, good sunshine and warmth for slow, regular ripening.

 - A lot of rain in the spring so no drought during the summer
- Very good condition

Rounded, silky wines, full-bodied and concentrated with fine, elegant tannins. Good reflection of the terroir.

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