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Alternating between hot and cold

The winter was fairly cool, dry and sunny but was cut short by higher temperatures in February and March.
The beginning of April was very hot but the cool weather returned in the second fortnight.
Spring and summer were warm and dry. There were a few heat waves and the beginning of July was very rainy.

Bud break: mid-bud break at the beginning of April
Flowering: end of May
Veraison: end of July
Start of the grape harvest at the end of August

White wines: good concentration, freshness retained, balanced, very aromatic wines, more traditional vintage than the previous one but a very good year.

Red wines: elegant, considerable aromatic precision, very good expression of the terroir.

Chablis area

Destructive frosts in April, followed by a lack of water in summer
Potential production reduced owing to difficult weather conditions and episodes that did some damage.  

Start of the grape harvest at the beginning of September, with very little sorting to do.

White wines: excellent quality white wines, good aromatic expression, remarkably well-balanced in the mouth.

Côte de Nuits

White wines: good quality and consistency. Full, balanced mouth, fresh flavoursome finish. Good ageing potential.
Red wines: great quality, aromatic, intense and superb elegance. Full mouth with perfect balance, wonderful length. Interesting ageing potential.

Start of the grape harvest at the end of August, with a good harvest for the reds but a restricted harvest for the whites.

Côte de Beaune

Some hail at the end of April, although this didn't have much impact on the vines. Dry summer, leading to a lack of water.
The grape harvest took place at the end of August. The harvest was very good in terms of quality and quantity.

White wines: well balanced, lovely freshness and good tension
Red wines: beautiful colours, silky tannins.


Very good vintage

Frost at the beginning of April, followed by a dry, hot summer. Episode of hail at the beginning of July.
Early year, the grape harvest took place at the end of August.

White wines: soft fruity wines, balanced, fresh, delicious.
Red wines: deep colour, fruity and lively.


Quality vintage but short on quantity

Episodes of hail in the spring and violent hailstorms at the start of the summer.
Very dry but a short rainy episode before the grape harvest helped to restore freshness.
Very good condition and grape quality, good concentration and acidic balance. 

Balanced wines in terms of freshness, fruit and tannins.

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