Reine Pédauque

The rebirth of a queen


Côte de Beaune


The climate has a continental influence: hot summers and dry autumns allow the grapes to ripen in ideal conditions. These climatic conditions encourage the development of sugars and the substances that give the grapes their colour.

Reine Pédauque
Reine Pédauque

Unique characteristics

A mythical character, the Queen of Bourgogne, benefactress of winemakers, the central character in a larger-than-life novel by Anatole France and the focal point of Parisian bistros, La Reine Pédauque continues to fascinate and symbolise the French art de vivre.

Reine Pédauque


Founded in 1923 in the Côte de Beaune, at the edge of the Corton Forest, La Reine Pédauque rose to fame in the 1930s with the acquisition of the Rôtisserie de la Reine Pédauque in Paris. Voted the number 1 restaurant in Paris, artists rushed to its door and evenings were animated by bottles of La Reine Pédauque. Its reputation grew and its wines and bottles were produced with the greatest of care. A legend was born.

A Word for the Oenologist

"Its roots in the Côte de Beaune are what give it its character. It freshness is radiant, its whites delicate, its reds full of energy. Its new style is modern and uninhibited. Bistronomes enjoy it for the excellent quality of its raw materials, its technical prowess and its approachability." Baptiste Corrot, Oenologist

Reine Pédauque


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