Domaine Michaut Bourgogne Tonnerre

Bourgogne Tonnerre

Grape variety



The Bourgogne Tonnerre vineyard is established in the Chablis vineyard, on the hillsides on either side of the Armançon, a river affluent of the Yonne.


The Chardonnay grape variety flourishes on Kimmeridgian marl and Portlandian limestone formations, installed between 152 and 142 million years ago, during the Upper Jurassic period and at the origin of clear and stony soils.


Traditional vinification. Moderate pneumatic pressing of grapes harvested at maturity. Cold stabilization of the juice on fine lees for 15 days, then temperature-controlled fermentation at about 16° followed by malolactic fermentation. The wine is aged on total lees with stirring of the lees until Christmas.

Bourgogne Tonnerre

sensory characteristic


Pale golden yellow robe.


A nice expressive and complex nose of lemon and citrus with fine smoky notes.


The mouth is ample and vinous with a beautiful finish on the freshness.


Ideal on a seafood platter or creamy risottos.



Cellar potential

2 to 3 years.

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